Nutrition Review

Nutrition and lifestyle are the building blocks of health and wellbeing. Is the environment you offer your employees conducive to healthy living? What facilities are available? Are there good and bad habits around food and drinks? Finally, are you offering any support and education to help your staff make the right choices for them?

Know your starting point and your goals

You actively support your staff to make healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices through awareness and education. The next steps is to analyse how the workplace is influencing their choices and help them build new sustainable healthy habits.

A Nutrition Review is an in-depth analysis of facilities, environment and culture around food and drinks in your company with clear, simple suggestion on how you can steer and involve your staff to make healthier choices collectively.


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1. Data gathering

  • Tour of your site to review canteens, kitchens and drink-making facilities, vending machines, eating and break areas;
  • Interviews with management and staff to gauge culture and habits around food and drink.

2. Overview and next steps

  • Findings are presented alongside suggestions on how to facilitate improvements;
  • Project management support can be available to implement changes you agree on.